If you get Sick

You can call emergency services (112) for an ambulance, or take a taxi to get to the hospital. As soon as you are able, please call the emergency phone. 


Pharmacies are a great way to get over the counter treatments for minor illnesses. In fact, pharmacists in Spain are able to diagnose some things that you would have to visit a doctor for at home. You can find pharmacies everywhere in the city, to find a pharmacy near you that is open 24 hours click here

For medical visits or emergencies go directly to:

Plaza del Conde de Valle de Suchil
Metro: San Bernardo
Tel. +34 629 823 493
Email for appointments: international@hmhopitales.com

This hospital works as a walk-in clinic, so even if it is not an emergency, you can go directly here and will be seen by the first doctor available. There are translators at the hospital on a 24/7 basis and some doctors even speak English. Because of this, Madrid staff will not usually accompany students to the clinic but we can meet you there in case of an emergency. You can email, call, or even whatsapp to make an appointment.

  • WHAT TO BRING. Anytime you go to the hospital please bring your passport, a copy of your insurance card.

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